About us

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Our Mission

Universidad Andrés Bello seeks to be “a university that offers, to those who aspire to progress, an integrative educational experience of excellence relevant for a globalized world. Based on the critical culture of knowledge and the systematic development of new knowledge in areas of their choice.” In this regard, the Office of International Relations strives to facilitate access to numerous alternatives of internationalization both within and outside our university.

UNAB is inserted in a globalized world and this educational experience is made real every day through our programs and in our classrooms. Our students not only have the opportunity to take advantage of the more than 160 agreements signed with different institutions of higher education in the world, which continue to grow by each month; but also we are constantly innovating our approach to include new trends in effective educational programs, online courses, conferences and foreign-language courses.

We belong to a global network of higher-education, Laureate International Universities Network, composed by more than 80 institutions. It gives us access to best practices that strengthen our educational project and contributes to give our university an even more international seal.

Where can you find us?

The Office of International Relations is located in R9: República 470, first floor, Santiago, Chile.
Office hours: 9:00 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 18:00 hrs. Telephone +56 2661 5857 (calls will be answered in Spanish).